Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Vendors & Library Update

We've gotten some new blood at the shop now, So I thought I'd put up a quick note with what some of the new renters are stocking:

Stone Furniture in all colors And Arrows [Vendor Building]
Bags of Sending [Rune Library Building]
Recall Scrolls [Rune Library Building]
Stealables [Rune Library Building]

Also, I know the pictures at the bottom of the blog aren't currently up to date with where all the books currently are in the library. I'm working on moving stuff around to add room for some guide books. As soon as I finish, I'll put up new screen shots showing where each facet/expansions books are.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Library Update

Added more Ter Mur runebooks.
On the first floor, On the floor in front of the resource boxes you can now find:

Normal Leather
Spined Leather
Horned Leather
Imbuing Ingredient Collecting
SA Crafting Resources

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Friday the 13th Pirate Invasion!

[Events and Prizes listed below story]

We at Mystic Garden were very excited when we obtained the land to start our Pub & Cafe.
It had been a dream of ours for years.

Our happiness soon faded..
Waking up that one morning to find the pirates was a nightmare I will never forget for as long as I shall live.

Upon rising I began to do my usual check of the shops and library buildings.. This is when I heard the noise.
Looking out the library window I saw smoke rising from the chimney of 'The Blue Cow.'

That's not right, I thought. But perhaps Silvia decided to get an early start on the baking for today.

Running across the yard I quickly realized the smoke was hardly the biggest sign of distress inside the pub.

Loud voices and an awful smell were my first big sign. Peeking in the window I was horrified!
There were men in my pub!

I missed the sound of boots coming as I sat wide eyed in shock and terror.
I let out a loud yelp as I was grabbed by the hair by a man the others were calling Captain.

He dragged me inside my own pub and threw me at a stool.
From my position on the stool, I could see Silvia, our chef, sitting on the floor crying.
I could also see what had been done to my pub in what could have only been overnight.
Garbage and broken furniture.. Bones of what I didnt know.. Nets dripping with salt water..

"YOU STOLE OUR LOOT!!!!" The man called Captain screamed in my face. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH IT!?"

My mouth gaped open like a dead fish. Loot? What was this man talking about?

"OUR LOOT! Where is it!" Still closer down to my face.

I gagged as I caught the scent of the sour whiskey on his breath. For my insult, I was backhanded across my face.

From my new seat on the floor, I just stared up and could barely muster a low "What?"

"This land, Our loot was stored here. Our biggest heist, Our best jewels and riches. And now this... This building stands over where it should have been!"

Horror completely took me over. "But sir, I bought this land. I wasn't the one who started building here..."

"BUT YOU'RE HERE NOW!" The sickly sour whiskey scent hit me again. "So it is your problem now. We will not leave until we are given what belongs to us. IF we leave at all."

I watched as they tied Silvia up, wrapped rope around her wrists and ankles, then threw her back into her corner behind the cafe bar.
I was given a scroll with what they believed I had taken from them, and their demands of me.

I was then carried outside and dropped roughly to the ground by the captains men.
The captain standing just behind his men...

"You may not come back to this building, You may not have your precious Chef.. Until we are satisfied.
If you do not return our belongings quickly.. Well you'll regret more then just losing your land and your chef."

The men went back inside, Laughing as I cried, Slammed the door of MY pub on me!
The sounds of loud men and clinking glass resumed. I ran inside my shops and locked my office door.

Now was not the time to cry, Now was the time to find help!
I sat at my desk and penned a note...

Kind citizens of Britannia,
I am in dire need of help! Men that call themselves pirates have taken over one of my buildings at Mystic Garden.
I fear worse could happen in the future. These men say I've taken their belongings they buried long ago where my pub now stands.
I'm looking for a few kind souls to help me find and collect these items!
There will be a handsome reward to the first people to help!


This event begins at 8pm est at Mystic Garden.
Coords 109o 5'N 42o 15'E
Green runes will be dropped at all banks.

Upon arrival you will be handed a bag with your rune for the rune lotto, a book with items for the scavenger hunt, a dyed runebook with recall charges and a rune back to Mystic Garden. [Your book will also include runes to other great vendorhouses]

[B]Main Event: Scavenger Hunt. [/B]
Players will be given 45 minutes to collect as many of the items on the list as possible.
1st: Soulstone fragment token
2nd: One bottle with 5 charges of white natural dye, One bottle with 5 charges of Magenta dye
3rd: One bottle of white dye with 5 charges

[B]Fishing Contest:[/B] Rules to be announced at the event.
Two prizes will be awarded - AOS dyeable blessed Sandals

[B]Pirate Themed Backpack Art: [/B]
We suggest you begin experimenting with your ideas now.
You will be asked to bring your art with you to the event.
Please place it in an extra backpack within your own, or in a pack horses pack.
[If you are not able to bring a packhorse, you will be friended to one of Mystic Gardens so you may place your art in there to be judged. If you bring your own, you simply need to friend a MG staff member for it to be judged.]
First place will receive one Heritage Token.
Two Runners up will recieve 150k each.

[B]Pirate Costume Contest:[/B]
Come dressed as a pirate! Feel free to use your profile to add details to your costume [It's encouraged!] Be Creative!
All players that enter the Pirate Costume Contest will receive 10k.
The winner will receive 175k.

All of the winners to the contests above will also receive trophy's with their names on them.

[B]Rune Lotto:[/B]
Five players will have runes that lead them to the winning location for a check worth 50k.

There will also be multiple vendors with free items.
This will include:
Egg bombs, Enchanted apples, Grapes of wrath, Mystic Spells, Begged Items and more.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Just added to our front steps:

Cemetery Locations - Tram & Fel
Pumpkin Picking Locations
Halloween 2009 Quest - Donated by Aulbrey who collected all the information on test center

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We're now going to have a new/returning player guide.

I'll be putting up books on different topics to hopefully help the new players.

First book is all about travel/runes:

-How to tell what facet a rune goes to
-How do I get runes/runebooks?
-Rune colors, what each shards runes will look like once marked
-How to travel (Chivalry, Recalls, Gates)
-Where can I get recall scrolls?
-What are tithing points? How do I get them?
-What are Moongates?
-Am I safe inside towns?

More coming soon!
Including Housing, Vendor Rentals, and more

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mark your calendars !!

I won't be giving out too much information.. yet.

But.. Mark your calendar,
After missing our yearly anniversary event this summer, We're back!

Friday, November 13th 8pm est will be an event night at Mystic Garden.

More information will be available soon !

Friday, October 9, 2009

Vet Reward Clothing Exchange

Put up the runes to the trammel and felucca vet reward clothing exchange boxes - you can find them on the front porch of the library in the red and yellow runebook.

Also put up a rune for the event start location for this weekends EM events.

Cloak quests book has been moved to the current event box just inside the front door of the library

Monday, October 5, 2009


Finally starting to get a chance to add some vendors..

Added Halloween Goodies (Freebies)
Will have different items throughout the month depending on what I find/do in game.
Clothing, Decorative items, etc. Will switch to Fall items after halloween.

Also hoping to get a new player vendor up this week.
Cheap/Free armor sets, weapons, and other items new/returning players will need.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept 22nd & 23rd events

Runes posted near the stairs for the Sept 22nd Equinox Wine event and the Sept 23rd First Contact event.

Both events start at 8:30pm est.

Monday, September 14, 2009

SA Mining, Sand Mining, Lumberjacking Books

Put 4 Resource books for Stygian Abyss on the first floor.
You can find them on the floor in front of the other resource boxes - green books.

Friday, September 11, 2009

SA Update

Vendor full of the new SA craftables is now up.

Tur Mur Royal City runebooks for sale on city/taming vendor.

New dyes for sale.

Rune library update:

Dungeons (what i've found)
Quest/Ingredients - sorted by what monster drops each ingredient.
Decorative Carpet quest
Tur Mur Southern City (Holy city)

Also a carpet quest guide and a making dyes guide.

More coming soon

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stygian Abyss Runes!

I've started putting up SA runes in the library!
Third floor west side of the building.

I'll be mapping out all the new lands over the next few days and will soon have quests, hunting and taming up.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Current Events: Cloaks

I know I was a little slow on this one but now that Treasures of Tokuno is over again, I've put a runebook in its location in front of the library (Behind the return runes vendor) for all the Cloak locations trammel and felucca.

I've decided I'll try my best to keep the most current runebooks on that podium. If you don't find what you need there, look in the current events box just inside the door.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Monsters A - Z Updated!

I've spent the past week updating the Monsters A - Z set on the third floor.
It's gone from originally being 12 runebooks to now being 20.

We've added some felucca locations and just more overall locations for some of the more popular monsters to hunt.

Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Treasures Of Tokuno

TOT is back for the next month!
So we've added two books on the pedestal outside the library for hunting spots in Tokuno.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Coming Soon! Mystic Garden Pub & Event Hall!!

We're currently working to get our new building ready to be open to the public.

It will be a public pub and event center.
Our future events will be held from there and it will be open to the public to be used when we don't have an event!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Book & Updates 6/6

Updating the city books to make sure we're not missing a single city npc shop.
Trammel by npc shop locations is almost finished.

Added a green thorn guide.
Runebook with locations and a guidebook for where to plant for what reward.
That book can be found on the podium right outside the library.

Also have a Felucca animal a - z set in the works.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Book 6/6

New book added:
Felucca t2a entrances
Can be found in the Felucca misc runes box on the second floor

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Books Added 6/4

New Books:
Atlantic Guilds
Atlantic Lockpicking Houses

New Set:
Britain Library Donations Set
Separated by NPC And What Donations They Accept

New Books Added 6/3

Added two books on second floor:

Roleplaying towns & areas with the guilds that 'control' them.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Vendors & Books Added

Vendor Items Added:

Bulk treasure maps
Gold Skulls

All are located in the library building.

Book Added:

Faction Vendors.. Will be updated often.
Will feature the current location of Faction horsebreeders and other vendors placed by faction members.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Updated Resource Gathering Box

Did an overhaul of the Resource Gathering box on the first floor.

Added more locations for all leathers.
Added all wheat & cotton field locations in trammel and felucca, as well as all vegetable fields.

Added more bone and wool locations.

Also added a plant resource books with plain seed & fertile dirt locations.

Lumberjacking books are still there as well.

Mystic Garden Spring Flower Hunt - May 9th - 4pm est

Mystic Garden Spring Flower Hunt
Saturday May 9th
Time 4pm est

At the beginning of the event you will be gated to the city where the 'flowers' have been hidden. You will be given 45 minutes to find as many flowers as you can through out the city.
The flowers will be flower garlands, In order to be counted they must have the name of our crafter on them.

All people who participate will receive:
A Bag Of Sending
A Lotto Ticket For A Chance At More Prizes
An Engraved Statue For The Occasion

Winners will receive all of the above and:
A Trophy With Their Name And Place
First Place: Two Mill Gold
Second Place: One Mill Gold
Third Place 500k Gold

Lotto prizes will include:
Heritage Tokens
Soulstone Fragment Tokens
Vet Reward Statues
120 Stealing Scroll
Frostbringer & Silvani's Feywood Bow

Monday, April 20, 2009

Books Added 4/20

Resource Shopping:

Skill Training Books:
Public Training Dummies
Public Archery Buttes

Felucca Zoo Donations

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Books Added 3/24

Added Resource Gathering Books:

Monsters that drop mage/necro regs (3 books)
Monsters/Animals that drop feathers
Monsters that drop fertile dirt
Monsters that drop logs/boards

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Vendors Added

Orange Petals, Thorns, Red Leaves
Iron Ingots
Affordable Armor
Shipwreck & Fish Items
Faction Silver

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coming Soon!

We're currently working on the most extensive mining set!

Every mountain, every cave on all facets!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Vendors

First floor of the library now has a free clothing vendor.

Also added golem kits & empty kegs.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New books added the week of 2/15 - 2/22

Fire Isle & New Haven Mining
Felucca Fire Isle Mining

Crossroads & Guard Towers

Crossroads & Guard Towers

ML Dungeon Entrance Quests

Friday, February 13, 2009

Grand Opening Of Aulbrey's Ice Rink

February 14th UO's first ice rink will have its grand opening.
Come dressed in your finest Valentine attire!

Last Person Standing Match
Team Relay Race
Solo Relay Race

All for cash prizes!

3- 5 pm est

Runes can be found on MGs return rune vendor and locked down on our steps.

New books added the week of 2/8 - 2/15

Current Events:
Tome of Love

Felucca Mining Locations With Forges
Felucca Resource Gathering

Felucca Virtue Quest Set

Skill Training:
Meelee Skill Training: Trammel
Felucca Taming

High Karma Monsters: Tram & Fel
High Karma Monsters: Malas & Tok
Negative Karma Monsters

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Runebooks By Kero: Full Listing Of Runebooks For Sale

This is a full listing of all runebooks sold at Mystic Garden.

Mini Libraries & Large Sets:
-15 Book Felucca Mini Library. One book per city. All include the bank, tailor, and blacksmith in that town. Shrines. Cave Mining.
-19 Book Trammel Mini Library. One book per city. All include the bank, tailor, and blacksmith in that town. Also Includes: Trammel Dungeon Entrances, Cemeteries, Shrines and Scenic Locations.
-10 Book Malas/Tokuno Set. One book per city (Luna, Umbra, Zento) plus dungeon entrances, doom, hidden locations, and 4 books for various tokuno island locations.
-7 Book Resource Gathering Set. One book per leather type. Feathers&Scales. Daemon Bones&Bones. Misc (Sand, Cotton, Wool, Hay)
-6 Book Quest Starters Set. Two New Haven. Two Trammel. One Felucca. One Malas/Tokuno.

City Books:
Trammel Marked At Banks
Trammel Marked At Mage Shops
Trammel Marked At Tailor or Smiths
Felucca Marked At Banks
Felucca Marked At Mage Shops

Taming for Gains (Three Book Set)
Felucca Taming

Pub 55 Seed Locations

Trammel Dungeon Entrances
Fel Hunting
Champ Spawns
Tokuno/Malas Dungeon Entrances
Hunting By Kero: Seperated by Gold Loot. (Three Book Set)

Lumberjacking (Locations on all facets)
Trammel Cave Mining
Malas/Tokuno Mining
Misc Resources (sand, cotton, hay, wool, etc)
Felucca Misc Resources (sand, cotton, hay, wool, etc)

Human to Elf Set (Includes all items needed)
Virtue Quests Two Book Set - Trammel
Virtue Quests Two Book Set - Felucca
Collectors Quest
Solen Quests
Elf to Human
Humility Cloak Quest
Bleach Quest

Misc Books:
Mounts of Sosaria
Taming for Profit
Zoo Collections
Doom Stealables

Mystic Garden Rune Library Walk Through

In February we moved our rune library on location of the shop and added over 100 books to what we previously had. This is a full walk through of the library by floor. This will be updated as we add or change books.

First Floor

Vendor and Rune Library
Current Events Box:
*Pub 55 Seed Locations*
*Winter 2009 Including New Craftables*
*Faction Towns*
*Tomb of Love Quest*
*Champ Spawns*
*Anti Virtue Dungeons*
*Pub 56 Invasion Cities*

Britain Library: Mace & Shield Guide
Resource Gathering
Resource Shopping
Resources: Mining & Sand Mining
Four Book Seed Gathering Set

Second Floor

North Wall, Left to Right
Felucca Dungeon Entrances
Felucca Shrines
Felucca Cemeteries
Felucca Cities (By Shop/Location Name)
Felucca City Points of Interest
Felucca Cities (By City Name)
Trammel Cities (By City Name)
Trammel Cities (By Shop/Location Name)
Trammel City Points of Interest
Trammel Misc Locations (Shrines, T2A Guide, Cemeteries, Etc)
Trammel Dungeons

West Wall, Back to Front
Trammel Treasure Map Locations
Felucca Treasure Map Locations
Malas Locations (Cities, Doom, Doom Stealables, Hidden Locations, Dungeons)
Tokuno Locations (Cities, Isamu, Homare, Makoto, Dungeons&Spawns, Tok Taming, Expansion Book)
Mondains Legacy (Expansion Book, Dungeons, Collections, Quest Items, Quest Starters, etc)
Past Events Books

Other Books
Quest Givers (Books for all facets)
Quests (Including Virtue Quests, Elwood, Hag, New Haven, Solen, & Much More)
Unique Locations & Holiday Books
Atlantic Historic & Unique Locations

Third Floor

North Wall, Left to Right
Various Hunting Locations:
Guides to high and low karma
Hunting By Kero (Seperated By Gold Loot Given)
Orc/Brigand/Solen/Lizardmen (One for each Facet)

Super Hunting
Monsters Sorted By Slayer Used
Monsters A - Z
Misc A - Z
Animals A - Z
Animal Tamers Guide: 11 Books sorted by skill needed
Taming Books: taming for profit, tok&malas taming, felucca taming, taming for gains, mounts of sosaria

Other Books
Trammel/Felucca Stealables & Lockpick Training

GM Locked Boxes can also be found for lockpick training on the third floor

Current Vendor Listing

This is a listing of our current vendors, It will be changed as vendors are added or removed.

Eastern Building (Main Shop)

Runebooks By Kero (Cities, Taming, Resources)
Runebooks By Kero (Hunting, Lockpicking, Expansions)
Runebooks By Kero (Quests)
Tomb of love books (Runebooks-Doom, Champ, Fel Mini Library. Spellbooks. BOD Books)
Dawns Music Gears (Gears, Power Crystals, Bone Machetes)
Dungeon Drops (Misc Weapons, Artifacts)
Eight Furniture Vendors Including Furniture Sets
Apples/Smokebombs (Enchanted Apples, Smokebombs, Grapes of Wrath, Savage Kin Paint)
Plants (Publish 55 Plants)
Goodies (Misc Items Including Arties, Peerless Drops, Scrappers)
LRC Suits
Training Suits
Rares (Misc Pre patch items & old holiday gifts)
Sos Nets Maps
Powder of Fort

On Balcony:
Tokuno Minors, Poppies Dust, Gold Skulls, Clothing, Jewelry Sets, Arties, SW Books, Vet Rewards, Weapons & Armor.

Western Building (Library)

Arcane Clothing
Publish 55 Seeds
Runebook Sets By Kero (Quest Starter 6 Book Set, Trammel 19 Book Set, Resource Gathering 7 Book Set, Malas/Tokuno Set)

Inside House:
Tinkered & Glassblown Items
Free Music & Slayer Instruments
Freebies (Misc Free Items)
Quest Items (Second Floor)
Tailor, Smith, Bowyer Repairs (Second Floor Balcony)

Vendor Rental Information

Vendor Rentals are free at Mystic Garden.
Kero can be reached for rentals at ICQ 107296451

Vendor Guidelines:
-Some form of contact information is required-
-Vendors must wear the clothing provided-
-No lotto vendors-
-Vendors found to be selling duped or fake items will have their renewal taken away-
-Please title your vendor 'On Vacation' if you cannot stock for an extended period of time-