Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Vendors

First floor of the library now has a free clothing vendor.

Also added golem kits & empty kegs.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New books added the week of 2/15 - 2/22

Fire Isle & New Haven Mining
Felucca Fire Isle Mining

Crossroads & Guard Towers

Crossroads & Guard Towers

ML Dungeon Entrance Quests

Friday, February 13, 2009

Grand Opening Of Aulbrey's Ice Rink

February 14th UO's first ice rink will have its grand opening.
Come dressed in your finest Valentine attire!

Last Person Standing Match
Team Relay Race
Solo Relay Race

All for cash prizes!

3- 5 pm est

Runes can be found on MGs return rune vendor and locked down on our steps.

New books added the week of 2/8 - 2/15

Current Events:
Tome of Love

Felucca Mining Locations With Forges
Felucca Resource Gathering

Felucca Virtue Quest Set

Skill Training:
Meelee Skill Training: Trammel
Felucca Taming

High Karma Monsters: Tram & Fel
High Karma Monsters: Malas & Tok
Negative Karma Monsters

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Runebooks By Kero: Full Listing Of Runebooks For Sale

This is a full listing of all runebooks sold at Mystic Garden.

Mini Libraries & Large Sets:
-15 Book Felucca Mini Library. One book per city. All include the bank, tailor, and blacksmith in that town. Shrines. Cave Mining.
-19 Book Trammel Mini Library. One book per city. All include the bank, tailor, and blacksmith in that town. Also Includes: Trammel Dungeon Entrances, Cemeteries, Shrines and Scenic Locations.
-10 Book Malas/Tokuno Set. One book per city (Luna, Umbra, Zento) plus dungeon entrances, doom, hidden locations, and 4 books for various tokuno island locations.
-7 Book Resource Gathering Set. One book per leather type. Feathers&Scales. Daemon Bones&Bones. Misc (Sand, Cotton, Wool, Hay)
-6 Book Quest Starters Set. Two New Haven. Two Trammel. One Felucca. One Malas/Tokuno.

City Books:
Trammel Marked At Banks
Trammel Marked At Mage Shops
Trammel Marked At Tailor or Smiths
Felucca Marked At Banks
Felucca Marked At Mage Shops

Taming for Gains (Three Book Set)
Felucca Taming

Pub 55 Seed Locations

Trammel Dungeon Entrances
Fel Hunting
Champ Spawns
Tokuno/Malas Dungeon Entrances
Hunting By Kero: Seperated by Gold Loot. (Three Book Set)

Lumberjacking (Locations on all facets)
Trammel Cave Mining
Malas/Tokuno Mining
Misc Resources (sand, cotton, hay, wool, etc)
Felucca Misc Resources (sand, cotton, hay, wool, etc)

Human to Elf Set (Includes all items needed)
Virtue Quests Two Book Set - Trammel
Virtue Quests Two Book Set - Felucca
Collectors Quest
Solen Quests
Elf to Human
Humility Cloak Quest
Bleach Quest

Misc Books:
Mounts of Sosaria
Taming for Profit
Zoo Collections
Doom Stealables

Mystic Garden Rune Library Walk Through

In February we moved our rune library on location of the shop and added over 100 books to what we previously had. This is a full walk through of the library by floor. This will be updated as we add or change books.

First Floor

Vendor and Rune Library
Current Events Box:
*Pub 55 Seed Locations*
*Winter 2009 Including New Craftables*
*Faction Towns*
*Tomb of Love Quest*
*Champ Spawns*
*Anti Virtue Dungeons*
*Pub 56 Invasion Cities*

Britain Library: Mace & Shield Guide
Resource Gathering
Resource Shopping
Resources: Mining & Sand Mining
Four Book Seed Gathering Set

Second Floor

North Wall, Left to Right
Felucca Dungeon Entrances
Felucca Shrines
Felucca Cemeteries
Felucca Cities (By Shop/Location Name)
Felucca City Points of Interest
Felucca Cities (By City Name)
Trammel Cities (By City Name)
Trammel Cities (By Shop/Location Name)
Trammel City Points of Interest
Trammel Misc Locations (Shrines, T2A Guide, Cemeteries, Etc)
Trammel Dungeons

West Wall, Back to Front
Trammel Treasure Map Locations
Felucca Treasure Map Locations
Malas Locations (Cities, Doom, Doom Stealables, Hidden Locations, Dungeons)
Tokuno Locations (Cities, Isamu, Homare, Makoto, Dungeons&Spawns, Tok Taming, Expansion Book)
Mondains Legacy (Expansion Book, Dungeons, Collections, Quest Items, Quest Starters, etc)
Past Events Books

Other Books
Quest Givers (Books for all facets)
Quests (Including Virtue Quests, Elwood, Hag, New Haven, Solen, & Much More)
Unique Locations & Holiday Books
Atlantic Historic & Unique Locations

Third Floor

North Wall, Left to Right
Various Hunting Locations:
Guides to high and low karma
Hunting By Kero (Seperated By Gold Loot Given)
Orc/Brigand/Solen/Lizardmen (One for each Facet)

Super Hunting
Monsters Sorted By Slayer Used
Monsters A - Z
Misc A - Z
Animals A - Z
Animal Tamers Guide: 11 Books sorted by skill needed
Taming Books: taming for profit, tok&malas taming, felucca taming, taming for gains, mounts of sosaria

Other Books
Trammel/Felucca Stealables & Lockpick Training

GM Locked Boxes can also be found for lockpick training on the third floor

Current Vendor Listing

This is a listing of our current vendors, It will be changed as vendors are added or removed.

Eastern Building (Main Shop)

Runebooks By Kero (Cities, Taming, Resources)
Runebooks By Kero (Hunting, Lockpicking, Expansions)
Runebooks By Kero (Quests)
Tomb of love books (Runebooks-Doom, Champ, Fel Mini Library. Spellbooks. BOD Books)
Dawns Music Gears (Gears, Power Crystals, Bone Machetes)
Dungeon Drops (Misc Weapons, Artifacts)
Eight Furniture Vendors Including Furniture Sets
Apples/Smokebombs (Enchanted Apples, Smokebombs, Grapes of Wrath, Savage Kin Paint)
Plants (Publish 55 Plants)
Goodies (Misc Items Including Arties, Peerless Drops, Scrappers)
LRC Suits
Training Suits
Rares (Misc Pre patch items & old holiday gifts)
Sos Nets Maps
Powder of Fort

On Balcony:
Tokuno Minors, Poppies Dust, Gold Skulls, Clothing, Jewelry Sets, Arties, SW Books, Vet Rewards, Weapons & Armor.

Western Building (Library)

Arcane Clothing
Publish 55 Seeds
Runebook Sets By Kero (Quest Starter 6 Book Set, Trammel 19 Book Set, Resource Gathering 7 Book Set, Malas/Tokuno Set)

Inside House:
Tinkered & Glassblown Items
Free Music & Slayer Instruments
Freebies (Misc Free Items)
Quest Items (Second Floor)
Tailor, Smith, Bowyer Repairs (Second Floor Balcony)

Vendor Rental Information

Vendor Rentals are free at Mystic Garden.
Kero can be reached for rentals at ICQ 107296451

Vendor Guidelines:
-Some form of contact information is required-
-Vendors must wear the clothing provided-
-No lotto vendors-
-Vendors found to be selling duped or fake items will have their renewal taken away-
-Please title your vendor 'On Vacation' if you cannot stock for an extended period of time-