Thursday, February 25, 2010


We're big hockey fans here at Mystic Garden so we got a little patriotic and released some bears to show it!
Feel free to leave messages, notes, or even other animals supporting your country in the hockey tournament. Just keep it PG and friendly =)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy belated Valentines and a Happy St Pattys Day!

We're sorry it's been such a long lapse since an event at the garden, Life has just gotten away from us it seems!
We're trying to keep up stock, hopefully things out of game will calm down enough to allow us to do a better job at this and plan an event. [We already have an event idea and prizes set out, just no time to do it.]

So.. in liu of our event absence we'll be having some St Pattys Day sale items.
This means festive colored decorations for cheap and even free as well as deep discounted sale items that will pop up on all shop vendors between now and St Patricks Day.

Also, We've joined forces with Red and Purple Mini Mall for a new forum - She did all the work really, she was just kind enough to invite us along for the ride. If you own a mall or establishment that's longstanding and would like to be added to the forum then check it out!