Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Updated Resource Gathering Box

Did an overhaul of the Resource Gathering box on the first floor.

Added more locations for all leathers.
Added all wheat & cotton field locations in trammel and felucca, as well as all vegetable fields.

Added more bone and wool locations.

Also added a plant resource books with plain seed & fertile dirt locations.

Lumberjacking books are still there as well.

Mystic Garden Spring Flower Hunt - May 9th - 4pm est

Mystic Garden Spring Flower Hunt
Saturday May 9th
Time 4pm est

At the beginning of the event you will be gated to the city where the 'flowers' have been hidden. You will be given 45 minutes to find as many flowers as you can through out the city.
The flowers will be flower garlands, In order to be counted they must have the name of our crafter on them.

All people who participate will receive:
A Bag Of Sending
A Lotto Ticket For A Chance At More Prizes
An Engraved Statue For The Occasion

Winners will receive all of the above and:
A Trophy With Their Name And Place
First Place: Two Mill Gold
Second Place: One Mill Gold
Third Place 500k Gold

Lotto prizes will include:
Heritage Tokens
Soulstone Fragment Tokens
Vet Reward Statues
120 Stealing Scroll
Frostbringer & Silvani's Feywood Bow

Monday, April 20, 2009

Books Added 4/20

Resource Shopping:

Skill Training Books:
Public Training Dummies
Public Archery Buttes

Felucca Zoo Donations