Thursday, February 12, 2009

Current Vendor Listing

This is a listing of our current vendors, It will be changed as vendors are added or removed.

Eastern Building (Main Shop)

Runebooks By Kero (Cities, Taming, Resources)
Runebooks By Kero (Hunting, Lockpicking, Expansions)
Runebooks By Kero (Quests)
Tomb of love books (Runebooks-Doom, Champ, Fel Mini Library. Spellbooks. BOD Books)
Dawns Music Gears (Gears, Power Crystals, Bone Machetes)
Dungeon Drops (Misc Weapons, Artifacts)
Eight Furniture Vendors Including Furniture Sets
Apples/Smokebombs (Enchanted Apples, Smokebombs, Grapes of Wrath, Savage Kin Paint)
Plants (Publish 55 Plants)
Goodies (Misc Items Including Arties, Peerless Drops, Scrappers)
LRC Suits
Training Suits
Rares (Misc Pre patch items & old holiday gifts)
Sos Nets Maps
Powder of Fort

On Balcony:
Tokuno Minors, Poppies Dust, Gold Skulls, Clothing, Jewelry Sets, Arties, SW Books, Vet Rewards, Weapons & Armor.

Western Building (Library)

Arcane Clothing
Publish 55 Seeds
Runebook Sets By Kero (Quest Starter 6 Book Set, Trammel 19 Book Set, Resource Gathering 7 Book Set, Malas/Tokuno Set)

Inside House:
Tinkered & Glassblown Items
Free Music & Slayer Instruments
Freebies (Misc Free Items)
Quest Items (Second Floor)
Tailor, Smith, Bowyer Repairs (Second Floor Balcony)

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