Thursday, April 29, 2010

Have you seen the new ladies?

Have you seen the new ladies that have shown up at Mystic Garden?
On the balcony of the main shop building, Three new vendors have popped up.

They have all free or very cheap merchandise. [Nothing over 1500 gold.]

Vendor One: New Player Shop
Magical Armor and Jewelry Items can be found here. Along with other items that would be useful to new players. All items are free.

Vendor Two: New Player Shop
Complete sets of tailor crafted armor can be found here. Great for starter armor. These sets are 800 - 1500 gold. Nightsight potions and fishsteaks can also be found.

Vendor Three: Freebies
The stock of this vendor changes daily. Anything can be found here.
Although she always has free musical instruments [Slayers and GM made]

Stop by and check us out!