Saturday, August 6, 2011

5 Yr Anniversary and a new rune library!

This week we'll be celebrating our 5th yr as Mystic Garden!
It's amazing that the shop and library has lasted for as long as it has, so thank you to everyone who's been a customer to use over the years!

To celebrate the anniversary we've opened the new rune library building.
From now until August 13th we'll have extra freebie vendors up at the new building.
Freebies will include free repairs, enchanted apples, grapes of wrath, smoke bombs, engraving tools, treasure maps, bod reward colored clothing, natural dyes, stained rune books, arcane clothing, GM made music instruments, music gears, gold skulls, and more.
Multiple times a day we'll be adding new items, including occasional high end items, so check back often.

The new library is a public crafting center for those who don't have a home on this shard or a big enough home for soul forges and other crafting furniture. There's a kitchen, blacksmith area, tailor area and soul forge. If we don't have something out that you need, please contact me and I'll try to add it.

The library books include resource books such as our large mining collection and resource shopping books. Each different area will also have rune books that match their themes.. i.e. our fishing/cartography area has fishing separated by facet as well as by dungeon.

A full list of the rune books in the new building by floor:

First floor:

Carpentry/Tinker Area:
Trammel, Felucca, and Misc Carpenter Shops.
Trammel, Felucca, and Misc Tinker Shops.
Jeweler Shops

Gardening Area:
Naturalist Quest.
Fertile Dirt Hunting and Shopping locations.
Peculiar Seed Hunting (4 books)
Common/Uncommon Seed Hunting.
Seed Hunting (Boglings)

Daemon Bone Hunting - Ter Mur & Doom Locations.


14 Felucca Mining Books
15 Trammel Mining Books
7 Malas Mining Books
3 Tokuno Mining Books
2 Ter Mur Mining Books

Other Mining Books:
Trammel Cave Mining
Sand Mining (8 Books)
5 Misc Other Mining Locations

Monsters That Drop Ore

Monsters That Drop Logs/Boards

4 Lumberjacking Books

Feather Collecting

Bone Collecting

Fields - Public fields/farms. 5 Books.

Imbuing Resource Collecting. 2 Books.

Reagent Collecting (Hunting). 3 Books.

Resource Shopping (NPCs) - 11 Books.

Leather Collecting. 8 Books.

Second Floor:

Tailoring Area:
Tanner/Furtrader Shops.
Trammel, Felucca, Misc NPC Tailor Shops.

Blacksmith Area:
Trammel, Felucca, Misc NPC Blacksmiths.
Trammel & Felucca Weaponsmiths/Armourers

Public Soul Forge Locations

Mystic Reagent Shopping

Third Floor:

Fishing/Cartographer Area:

Trammel, Felucca, Misc NPC Mapmakers
Trammel, Felucca, Misc NPC Mage Shops
Misc Other Blank Scroll Buying Locations
Scribe Locations

Malas Fishing
Ter Mur Fishing
Dock Locations - 5 Books
Fishmonger Locations
Lava Fishing
Dungeon Lava Fishing
Dungeon Destard Fishing
Dungeon Ice Fishing
Dungeon Shame Fishing
Dungeon Doom Fishing
Misc Dungeon Fishing

Kitchen Area:
Farmer's Markets
Trammel, Felucca, Misc Tavern Locations
Trammel, Felucca, Misc Baker Locations
Trammel, Felucca, Butcher Locations

(Not yet open)

Distilling Ingredient Collecting Books

More books will be added, if you have a request please let me know.

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